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By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Taking care of our feathered friends

Saturday was a cooler day and there wasn't much sunshine so the outdoor project had to be done indoors. However, the kids didn't seem to mind too much.
I attended my first craft night at our church on Friday, and what a blessing it was!
Eric was more than happy to watch the kids without complaint.
This craft night there was a swap. You bring your craft stuff that you haven't used/or won't use and trade it for tickets. Then all of the items were laid out on the tables and you shopped with your tickets. SUPER FUN!
Once our shopping was completed we just sat around working on whatever craft we brought.
I ended up across for an old friend. It was so much fun visiting with Carole, a more experienced mom from the Lafayette Church. We used to be in the same bible study and after spending time with her on Friday I didn't realize how much I missed seeing her. To be honest I hadn't thought much about her (out of sight out of mind kinda thing) and had, sadly, forgotten how much I enjoy her company.
I was able to get this bright yarn which is just perfect! It should be easy for us to spot in the nests this summer. With Spring here we decided to treat the birds and provide them with some yarn so "they could have nice soft nests for their babies."

We cut the yarn into smaller pieces and stuff it into an onion bag. I cut larger holes in the onion bag so the birds could easily pull out the yarn.

Luke was thrilled to do something for the birds. I let him pick out a small feeder at the store and we had birdseed left over from our last nature project.

We hung the feeder in place of our hummingbird feeder for now. Later I'll move it outside of Luke's window and we'll put out the hummingbird feeder.

UPDATE: The kids have really enjoyed watching the birds visit the feeder. It provides nonstop conversation at meal times. Especially since we have a picture perfect view from out kitchen window where our table is located.

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