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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Show and Tell

Our craft project for this week was this t-shirt Luke and I made for Kayla.
I got the idea off of a website, Wondertime.
First, I bought just plain t-shirts at Walmart.
Then, I used a rubber bands to stretch the shirt around different sized shot glasses. Next, I placed a bottle cap in the middle of the circle (shirt over shot glass). Luke traced dots around the outside edge of the bottle cap. We then removed the bottle caps and squeezed 15-20 drops of rubbing alcohol (from a dropper) into the space where the bottle cap was.
As the cotton absorbs the alcohol the color runs. I'd love to get some fabric markers and try this.
I just stitched the around the neck, arms and hem with my machine, added black dots to the middle and drew on stems. Luke got bored after making the flowers because it took me forever to figure out how to stitch around the outside of the shirt. UGH! I really need to take a sewing class.
All in all we were both very pleased with ourselves and this gift we made for Kayla.

The color in these pictures are off somewhat since it was stormy and dark outside, which made the lightening hard to work with. Ugh, just ad photography to my list of classes that I need to take :-).


Anonymous said...

The t-shirt looks great. I sure miss you all. Sewing on stretching material is a bit more difficult than regular material. You did a wonderful job. See you soon. Love, mom

Erin said...

That tshirt is SO cute! I will have to try it with my girls.

And your donut holes look SO YUMMY! I am impressed you are up baking so early with 3 little kids!! You Rock.


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