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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Family Fun Day

Saturday was another Family Fun Day! We have very few Saturdays with no plans and this was a rare occasion! This was a day of firsts! Daddy built an igloo! I was so impressed and video taped most of the build process. I've never seen anyone build and igloo before. It's amazing what perfect blocks a cooler, (an ice chest for you southerners), can make! Eric built the whole thing while the kids were napping. Luke was so excited when he woke up I could hardly get him to stand still to get his snow clothes on. It was a great fun day of building, playing, sledding and just plain enjoying being outside!
Today will be a sad day for Daddy. :-(
I just looked outside and with all the storms from last night, the igloo has been reduced to rubble. This weather is so strange.


mom said...

I am so glad to hear that you like snow now Jean. I remember winters where you wouldn't go outside!

Next time it snows we need to have the kids check out the hill on our land. At least they would go into a creek instead of nearly going into the road!! So glad you had a fun day.

Tracy said...

What a wonderful day of memories made! I remember building many an igloo when we lived in PA, but we rarely get a flurry here.

Oh, and I am working on an email to you, but it has been busy here...

Jared said...

That igloo is pure awesomeness. If I'm ever stuck in the arctic wilderness, I hope I have Eric in my backpack.

Jean Marie Bibby said...

JARED- I'd pay money and sell tickets to that show!

Elizabeth said...

Love the Igloo! It is the coolest, and loved the video of the kiddos too! :) Mine have hardly had any sledding at all this year!

The Miers said...

WOW! What a great job Eric did on the igloo. And the kids having fun enjoying, that's priceless.

Loved the video of the kids sledding. I still remember the my one and only time doing that with you guys.

With all the snow, it's a constant reminder of why we live in TX. Btw, it got up into the 80s this week - bring out the shorts!!

Love you,
- Greg

Aubs said...

What a great time that looks like!! Props to Eric on the igloo...I wouldn't even know where to start!! What a blessing days together as a family are! =)


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