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Friday, February 27, 2009

Family Visit

Families are like fudge... mostly sweet with a few nuts.

We had the pleasure of welcoming my Grannie and Cousin Lis (Melissa) for a visit this past week.
There are wonderful things God has given us in this life such as our senses, when I can see something or smell something that will trigger a memory. Awww, the bliss of being a child. Now that I have outgrown my blissful state of ignorance, I find myself engrossed with the this and that of everyday life and the needs of my children. This is the changing and growing of life, but this week I was transported back to a time when I was young and my Grannie was FUN! Not that she isn't fun now, but when we return to Texas for visits, I rarely have time to really ENJOY visiting with family. There is too much hustle and bustle. I realized having my Grannie in MY home where things were "normal", the kids were themselves, I was myself and more importantly I got to see her be HERSELF. For five days I was transported into the simple "Good ol' days."
We sat around visiting.
I enjoyed cooking for and serving my family.
We played with the kids.
We enjoyed playing games with each other.
I found my best friend from childhood that I'd long forgotton.
I had fun.
We had fun.
My home was full of love, laughter and fellowship.

There is something to be said about family being so far away.
I have found more joy in this past week than I have in many years.
Would I move closer and lose the opportunity to welcome more family?

I am thrilled to be so far away from my family, it makes them all the more special and memories all the more precious.
How amazing is my Heavenly Father's plan to bring me to Indiana!



My Grannie
Barbara Jean Venable

Girls Night Out,
Lis and I went out for dinner and painted the town RED,
that is until we returned home at 8pm! HAHAHA!
Good times, Good Friends, Good Cousins!
I love you, Lis!

"Kayla, Krista, where are you? How did you get in the bathroom?"
Poor Grannie, hope she didn't want any privacy that morning.

They watched Grannie all morning!
Kayla couldn't wait for Grannie to show her how to put in her teeth!
The girls were thrilled!


Grandma Bibby said...

We are so thankful that He brought you to Indiana too.

The Miers said...

TX Mom says, Thank God for these wonderful new memories!! Brought tears to my eyes! God has truly blessed you with the gift of communication~ All of you are a joy to experience life with!
The joy of the Lord is my strength!


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