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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Krista Alaine Bibby September 6

My Sweet Honey Doll,
Today you are but a finger old. How amazing time seems to make that little finger seem to have come up so fast.
Your story begins on September 5, the day I was sure you would NOT arrive. I started contractions at 8pm. I tried to move around because I was very anxious for your arrival. The contractions promptly stopped at 8:30pm. I was disappointed to say the least. Daddy gave strict orders to "LAY DOWN". In usual Bibby fashion, Daddy was right and within just minutes the contractions returned. We went to bed at 11pm, since I'd had such long labors with your Brother and Sister we knew this was only the beginning of many hours to come. It wasn't until 2am that I woke Daddy up or so I thought. He had been drifting in and out of sleep carefully listening as the contractions became more intense. As soon as I gave him the word, he literally SPRUNG out of bed and headed for the kitchen and his friend, the coffee pot.
I found this comical to say the least, but the laughter did not last long with contractions coming every 5 minutes. We got your siblings up and into the car, made the call to Grandma and Grandpa to let them know we were on our way, and out the door we went at 3am. Grandma and Grandpa greeted us with as much excitement as we were feeling, kindness not to delay us and encouraging words of "We'll be praying."
Daddy appeared to be in NO hurry as he drove to the hospital. I could only watch the green glow of the digital clock in the car to keep from losing all control and take the wheel. At one point I sweetly inquired 'why he seemed to be slowing down'. He rationally explained the 'consequences of getting a double fine in a construction zone.' To which my thought reply was, 'oh yes, that makes sense, even though there appeared to be a limited number of motorists out at 3:44 am.'
We arrived at the hospital and within the hour I received an epidural. Daddy and I were so thankful to have a beautifully sweet and gifted nurse, Carmenia. She came and went quietly seeing to every need before I could anticipate it.
Your birth was so exciting (and a bit anxious) for Daddy and I in a new hospital with a new nurse and doctor.
At 10:43 am you on September 6, you made your arrival into the world, after just a couple of pushes. Daddy was wise and set up a camera and record a DVD- PG version of your birth. Just 8 minutes long and something I will forever be thankful for.
You were bathed before our eyes, which was something we had not experienced before. Carmenia, your nurse, was so good to you and loving as she patiently let Daddy and I take in every moment with you.
When Grandma, Grandpa, Brother and Sister came to visit, they were awestruck. You were so beautiful, being just hours old. Brother was captivated and would not let anyone else have time with you. Sister kept wanting to kiss you and love all over your little head.
Daddy and I will forever treasure the quiet hours we spent with you in the hospital, just the three of us.
You have been such a wonder and joyful addition to our family. You are sweet and sensitive, loving and playful. You make me laugh when I need it most, and bring tears to my eyes when I see growing up.
Your first birthday was hard for me. I cried for your baby days that I seemed to have missed somehow. You are now one, taking your first steps, saying your first words and ready to meet the world head on- something you get from your Daddy.
I pray especially for you to become a Proverbs 31 woman, A Woman Who Fears the Lord. I pray that your heart will be knit to your Brother and Sister with bonds of friendship. I pray that you will grow in your Heavenly Father all the days of your life.
I love you dearly, Krista Alaine Bibby, and I praise God for you.

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