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Friday, March 21, 2008

Show and Tell

Okay, so maybe I'm not a part of the real show and tell Friday group, but I could help sharing this with everyone! This little apron is way too cute! I also took some dollar store wooden spoons and painted them pink and green to match. I'd already taken the pictures by the time I remembered the matching spoons. This is one of few sewing projects that I have done, so I'm very proud of myself (watch out my head is expanding). I started on it last night and finished it this morning. I can't wait to make another one, but that is for another day.


Tracy said...

It's adorable! And you can join show and tell ANY time, it's not a closed group. BUT, Kelli, took today off to concentrate on Easter.

mom said...

Great job, Jean. It is really cool. I sometimes wish I would sew again, but I never seem to do so. Keep up the good work.

Rebecca said...

There are all sorts of show and tell groups...Kelli (which Tracy referred to) is for all show and tells but Shereen (the link is on my blog under the Sew Crafty post) hosts a Friday CRAFTING show and know, sharing the crafty things you have done.

This is SUPER cute! Great job Jean! I love how you think to paint things to coordinate (spoons, the girls' mirror, etc.) It really adds so much!

Tracy said...


Happy Resurrection Day!


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