Proverbs 24:3-4

By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,
You may skip our house this year, next year and forever.
Our children will be nestled all snug in their beds, but there are no hopes for you to be here.
Luke, Kayla and Krista are treasures to know everyday, for you only know them once a year. We hold them to a Higher standard and ask that they obey everyday, I am in disagreement that you ask this but only one month a year. If they are naughty, we love them still and instruct them accordingly, but do not withhold things from them based one month a year. We instruct them in forgiveness and while this may include some restriction of toys, it is not for an entire year.
If you are in fact, you can see when my children and sleeping and know when they are awake, this would mean that you already knew that I was going to write you this letter and will not be saddened to skip our house this year. You see there is no need for you to know how my children have been because we already have our Heavenly Father who watches over my children and loves them whether they are bad or good. He is pleased when they are good, but knows that they are good for His glory. His gifts are of far greater value and bring greater joy than your elf made toys. How exciting for my children to have Christmas all year rather than just once a year.
I have told our children that this is no you. I don't make exceptions for you. We do not lie to our children about such things. I do not believe that hope wears a red suit. Our focus of Christmas is on a more giving Father. Not Father Christmas, but our Heavenly Father who gave us His only son.
Without you, our children do not lose their imagination. You do not stop their play, they are princesses, doctors, super heroes and much more. There is wonder in the air, freezing rain formed into miraculous designs of snowflakes, more gifts from our Father above. Our tree is a beautiful twinkle of lights and hung with memories fashioned into ornaments. There is no lack of love nor wonder here.
Our children do not need presents from your sleigh. They received many expressions of love from family this year. Our Lord provides, if I waited on you there would be no Christmas. How disappointing it would be to build their hopes on a promise of presents that would never appear. Instead we have wrapped their presents with thanksgiving and yet another lesson on the grace of our Father above.
'What's the harm,' you may say.
'Missed opportunity', I say, ' for a chance to fulfill our purpose to glorify God though instruction and teaching.'

We ate your cookies, drank your milk and don't need your presents,
for you see,
our home is full and there is no need for you here.

Merry Christmas!

Eric, Jean,
Luke, Kayla and Krista


Grandma Bibby said...

AMEN, and well said. So glad this is how you feel. We will see you tomorrow with a carload of presents for you all. Love and blessings, dad & mom (& Uncle Bobby)

Anonymous said...

That was great Jean.Very well said Thanks for sharing.



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