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Thursday, August 7, 2008

MHS Class of 1998 Reunion Dinner

First and foremost, I must thank Chef Mark Segovia at Fork & Spoon for a lovely dinner.
For those of you who have never been, it is five star food with a beautiful "Texas Bestro Decor."
Chef Mark Segovia went above and beyond and showcased his culinary skills at their finest.
He made us feel as if we'd know him for years, even giving Eric and Craig a tour of his kitchen.
Eric asked where the freezer was, and was impressed with Chef's simple answer, "We don't have one."
The appetizers were beautifully displayed and the Guinness cheese was a favorite of ours. The Salsa bar and fruit offered a little sweet and spicy for everyone. The meal was splendid.
Eric and I both had the Salmon and it was excellent. I could not sing enough praises to Chef on this dish. All the plates at our table were devoured and not a single grain of the wild rice was left. I heard some of the same praises about the Chicken dish as well.
Eric couldn't resist ordering dessert and it didn't last long either.

I can assure you we will be dining there every time we return to Texas.

651 North Business IH-35
New Braunfels, Texas

Sadly, none of my pictures of the dinners turned out. I blame the camera!

I went to the Reunion, a little anxious to see and be seen by everyone, after all it had been 10 years since I last saw the majority of the group.

There were those who seemed to not have aged at all,
who had met and married the love of their life.

There were those who were looked at each other with newly married eyes. You could still see the gleam of the wedding and twinkle of the honeymoon in their smiles.

There were those who had graduated the top of the class, smarter and more hard working than I ever was. When I pray for my children and a love for learning, I sometimes find my mind drifting to one in particular. She never turned me away when I didn't understand a math problem and I'm sure she grew weary of questions and "Will you help me?"
I'm smiling now as I look at this picture and see that God perfectly matched her with someone who shares her love of knowledge. They had two adorable children and a wealth of knowledge to pass along. What a blessing.

There are those from High School that we remember with a particular characteristic.
After the meal we went out to a local Tavern for drinks and stories of "remember when." At some point I remember thinking, I'd forgotten how to listen to laughter. It brought back fun times that had been long lost and it was contagious to laugh with her. I'd forgot how much FUN she was. I'm sure her husband is something, he'd have to be to keep of with her! I look at this picture and laugh because it is 'she' (left) that you can barely see. I tried all night to catch her and finally gave up. Something else I'd forgotten was how she was friends with everyone she met.

There are those that didn't need to grow up or change.
Those who were "good people" then and needed little improvement. Hardworking, friendly, outgoing, didn't get into trouble or hung around the wrong crowd, all in all well rounded. When you see her you see someone who is just friendly. I couldn't help but realize I have more in common now because I have grown and changed. We joked about our husbands as if we saw each other everyday. I wished we lived closer. Her husband and children are blessed to have her.

There are those that were the life of the party then and the life of the party now.
Older and wiser, but still the life of the party.
I met his girlfriend, a jewel of a girl. It is a rare quality to be honestly sweet and sweetly honest. They compliment each other well and I enjoyed the company of "young" love.

***This is my blog and I write what on my heart and in my life. I share my honest thoughts and feelings. ***

There are those that stress over losing a couple of pounds for their reunion.
I can honestly say, I thought she was more beautiful than when we were in High School. I hope that this does not offend her, should she read this. Her skin was flawless and she had let her hair grow out to her natural curl. I was taken back to see her carry herself with confidence and, quite frankly, grace. Not the girl I remember from High School weighted down by pressure and the social-ality of High School.

There are those that have taken a different path in life. Like myself, she has changed and was no longer the person I remembered from our High School days. Immersed in a different culture and different way of living, I found myself wondering what had led her down this path. I reflected on my own life and the milestones that had shaped who I was today, all the while wondering about her life these past 10 years.

There are the those we grew up with and have never lost touch with.
She was by my side then and by my side now. She got me into trouble, I got her into some :-). We laughed until we cried or had an accident, which ever came first. I wished for her life, she wished for mine. We supported one another when others did not. We both fell in love and married the only guys who would put up with us. I love her children as my own. She taught me how to be strong in times of trials; of the strength a mother has. She makes me laugh when we're together and cry when I have to leave again. I love her, always have always will.

Then there are those that God brings into our life when we least expect them.
He is the most important part of my life. 10 years has come and gone and in a way this was his reunion too. We left the day after graduation and though I looked back many times, I realize now that he was looking ahead. He taught me many lessons, taken me many places, and quietly waited for the Lord to change my heart.

So you see, there are those that we don't always see, but in one way or another, have left there mark on our memory.


Jennifer McDevitt said...

Thank you for the great pictures / reflections and for all of your time spent planning the reunion! You have a beautiful family and they are very blessed to have you. Your blog is very well done and makes me want to start one of my own. :) God bless!

Anonymous said...

I second that... Thanks so much for the pictures, since I didn't take a single one, and as always I love your reflections in your blog. Looking forward to the next reunion already and hoping that we will get together sometime before then. Our home (where ever that is at the time) is always open to you and your family. Thanks for all of your hard work. I had a wonderful time.

Jami Jo McCreary

Aubs said...

What a special post Jean! Having gone to school with them as well is is fun to see pictures and hear a little bit about what they are doing now! So glad you had a good time!

Elizabeth said...

This post was really neat, as I felt as though I got to know your classmates well through the little details you added with the pictures! How Fun :) Nice pic of you and your hubby too! :)

Sarah said...

Good ole Marion :) That means mine is next year-yikes! Time flies! School starts on Monday. I survived my first "Meet the Teacher" night. My second graders are so cute. Take care.


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