Proverbs 24:3-4

By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

"Bibby Fair" Day

Every year at school they have a fundraiser at the end of the year and have an Eagle Fair.
It works just like the county fair- buy tickets, don't have enough tickets, kids cry and Mommy feels like crap.
So with Eric gone working on the cow fence at the Guiney's,
I was NOT about to brave the Eagle Fair alone.
I broke the news to Luke that we were not going to the Eagle Fair, which was met with tears and much disappointment.
As my son's world came to an end, I came up with this:

Ring Toss

Buddy Race

Kait and her ribbons

Arts and Crafts

The Bibby Fair ended with a treasure hunt.
They had to follow clues from place to place...

"Your prize is found where you lay your head after the sun goes down."

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

you are so clever, girl! What a Mama you are!


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