Proverbs 24:3-4

By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.

Monday, June 23, 2008

My Three

Messy Little Fingers

Everyday I wake up,
ready for the mess.
I look around
and think O' GREAT!!!!
they've already made a mess.

I wonder what they're thinking,
as they smear makeup on the wall.
Is it "Poor, poor, Mommy."
"This was cool after all"?

They touch and grab,
and mess and bother,
While I sit there saying "Please, just go find your father"

I wonder why they do it?
Day after day -Don't they know it's hard on me? I don't have time to play.

When I put them to sleep at night,
I breathe a sigh of relief.
At least right now I sit and enjoy the wonders of disbelief.
I look around at my house and think, "Didn't I just clean? Everyday I try and
try, but it's the same old thing.
I always stop and wonder
"Why, me Lord - O' why me?"
I've been blessed, yes I know -
But did you have to make it three?

I love my children dearly, as I'm getting out the rags.
I sweep and mop and clean all night,
praying tomorrow I won't be a hag.
I see those messy little fingers
on windows doors and walls -
Three little hand prints
reminding me how small.
Life isn't easy and kids are always testy, I clean up those messy little
fingers thanking God for little blessings.
The sun is rising, and we awake;
"Hurry, Mommy - Hurry, Mommy - It's time to get up and skate!
Please take us to the park and play with us outside.
We will be good, we promise, and fill your heart with pride."
My children, you are wonderful, and today I will take off - Not from a
corporate job - just from being a cleaning shop.
It took me three years to figure it out,
and now I share with you;
those messy little fingers
are the best things God's ever given to you.


Grandma Bibby said...

The first reason you are blessed with them is, of course, God. But the second reason they are so is because I wanted Eric to have one just like him (like my mom wished on me), and you got caught in the mix. But what dear and wonderful blessings they are that the Lord has give you and Eric to raise and nurture. You are great parents!!

Aubs said...

Oh Jean...this is such a struggle for me! I have such a hard time just letting go of the little messes and enjoying them while they are young and want me to be a part of everything they do! It is a regular prayer for me to be able to see them as the blessings they are and not as a burden! Being a mom is such an amazing blessing and a sure learning are a great Mommy and someone i look up to!

Rebecca said...

this is great! perfectly suited for you and (soon) for me. Three little hurricanes, running about the house-undoing right behind your doing. I am noticing this more and more with my two as I am trying to pack. Suddenly, the book on the shelf that has sat there, uninteresting for so long, as I put it in the box-becomes something INCREDIBLE and is pulled out by little fingers!


Your children are such cuties. I LOVE that yellow smocked dress on Krista. That is SO my cup of tea!

Elizabeth said...

Cute Poem, Cute Kiddos, Thanks for Sharing! :)


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